Suspended Reason

BA fr Columbia University in American Studies. Boycotting academia ever since. Some writing under the project name Spilled Reality.

Currently at Previously worked at Consortia and Minor involvement in Gugg's Countryside exhibit.

Manet > Monet; SMiLE > Sgt. Pepper's; ethnomethodology > social psych. Give me William James and John Dewey over the analytic tradition any day.

Current research interests: aesthetics, strategy, the inexact sciences, post-rationalism (?),metacriticism, fashion, literature, conceptual engineering, microsociology, predictive processing, American pragmatism, signaling theory & symbolic capital.

Portrait as Wojnarowicz. Tumblr at Spilled Reality. Twitter as @suspendedreason.


I run a small, not-for-profit press called Not Nothing ທ with my partner Nicole Kaack. The press aims to bring together thinking from IRL and URL spaces. We've published work by Sarah Perry, AJ Stoughton, Peli Grietzer, and Gwern. Sign up for the mailing list here.


Pfeilstorch is a community centered around working on problems in the inexact sciences—from philosophy of language to microsociology to institutional theory. We're interested in the rigorizing pipeline from philosophy to science. You can read about our 2020-2021 progress here.



One of my ongoing research interests is aesthetic and literary theory. Since 2017 I've been steadily working towards a predictive processing model of aesthetics:

On-going research channels. Personal profile; Inexact Sciences group account.

I ran a digital roundtable series for the blog, focusing on the state and future of the Web. Interviewees included Drew Austin of Kneeling Bus, sociologist Jenny L. Davis of ANU, and Grant Wythoff, Visiting Fellow at Penn State University.

Wikipedia Contributed Pages

Troy Conrad Therrien

Venkatesh Rao


Neural Net Instagram

SRIG, a project with neural networks where pictures I take are replaced by algorithmically similar images.


Duos, a collection of melodic echoes.

Energy Flash, a partial history of dance loosely inspired by the Simon Reynolds book.

I'll Believe In Anything: highlights from the oughts indie revival.

Pangers: highlights from '00s and '10s Top 40. Bangers with a melancholic underbelly.

A.M. Radio Prom for late-night jams (Blue Nile, Roxy Music, The Cars).




Epistemic Strategies, pt. 1. Manipulate others' epistemic states by misrepresenting your own.

Letter to Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro. Honor culture isn't dead; its form has just changed.

2020: Year in Review. Publication overview.

The Surrogation Matrix. On incentive structures and spirit vs. letter.

From Measurement to Degeneration. How did sports go from referees to flopping?

The Revolution in Philosophy You've Never Heard Of. On conceptual engineering (for LW).

Kaitlin Phillips as Poplit. On lifestyle, personality, and glamour as genre.

The Dark Miracle of Optics. On deception, signaling, and fashion.

Wasting Our Time. On psychoanalysis and predictive processing.

Otessa. On Otessa Moshfegh's My Year of Rest & Relaxation, and the concepts of object and subjecthood.

Divided Minds. On Philip K. Dick, schizophrenia, paranoia, and the writing of D.C. Barker.

Valerie, No. On Elvia Wilk's Oval.


Oscillation / Fashion (Suspended Reason, July 19 2018)

New Fiction is Psychic Occupation (Suspended Reason, April 1 2018)

Predictive Processing & Art as Cognitive Remodeling (Suspended Reason, March 27 2018)

Backgrounding Techniques in Cinema and Literature (Suspended Reason, February 17 2018)

"Another Green World" (Ribbonfarm, March 9 2017)

Post-Ritual Space: Berghain (Suspended Reason, Dec 23 2016)

Ulysses, Wilde, and a Theory of Literary Compression (Suspended Reason, November 7 2016)

Generic Fitness (Suspended Reason, July 2016)

Every Little Star (Suspended Reason, May 2016)

Regarding Rockism Parts Two & Three: The Rise of Poptimism and The New Rockism (Rare Candy Mag, January 28 2016)

Regarding Rockism Part One: Black Truths and Noble Savages (Rare Candy Mag, November 22 2015)

Review of Bodega Bay: "Our Brand Could Be Your Life" (Rare Candy Mag, August 31 2015)

Review of Miguel Gallego: "Every Dog Has Zir Day" (Rare Candy Mag, April 7 2015)


Written: The Color Purple (2020, excerpt); La Vento (2017)

Edited: Sarah Perry, Anthology; Art (That) Works


with Jonathan Livengood, on contemporary philosophy

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